The Professional Editing Services I Offer My Clients

I offer many different editing services. Contact me today for a quote on my services to find out how I can help you with your dissertation, thesis, article, short story, or book project.


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Typing and/or Formatting involves taking your manuscript and putting it into the preferred format. If you are submitting a manuscript or book proposal, self-publishing a novel or non-fiction book, or preparing a dissertation, this service saves you time.

Editor’s Analysis involves looking at your manuscript and determining what services your manuscript may require if you are unsure as to what it is your manuscript needs.

Proofreading for spelling errors, obvious grammatical errors, formatting problems, and typos helps you to appear professional and polished.

Copy Editing involves checking for errors in sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation. This service also includes checking to make sure your manuscript is consistent, clear, and as concise as possible.

Content Editing is an analysis of your fiction or non-fiction manuscript and it ensures your book is consistent throughout. This service looks at characters, plot points, argument structure and more.

Substantive or Developmental Editing is the most involved of my editing services. This service includes copy editing and proofreading at the end of the project, as well as a focus on the structure, marketability, plot (for fiction), argument (for non-fiction), etc. of your work..  This form of editing is interactive between editor and client. I read your work once and offer initial comments, then we work back and forth through comments and line editing to achieve your desired results.
Fact Checking goes through your manuscript to guarantee all information is accurate and accurately cited.

Bibliographical Editing involves going through your manuscript and ensures that every source you used has been accounted for and that your footnotes, end notes, and bibliography are in the proper format (APA, MLA, CMS, etc.)

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I can help you in many ways. If you are stuck on a project and you are not sure what direction to take it in, having someone with experience perform an editor’s analysis can help you to understand the elements you might be lacking. If you are finished with your dissertation or thesis and want to make sure there are no typos or spelling errors before handing your project in to your advisory board, proofreading can help. If you keep a blog, you may want an editor to ensure that your entries look professional.

Whether you need help with your self-published book project or you want to send sales letters free from grammatical errors, contact me today to set up your free half hour consultation session.

I always work with your budget to ensure you get the editing assistance you need.

What Can a Research Consultant Do for You?

Let me provide you or your business with the quality research you need for your project.


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Index cards are a tool of the past. Hire a research consultant to help you organize your efforts.

Whether you are creating a white paper or working on a book, the compilation of accurate information is necessary.  Hiring an expert in the art of research helps to obtain background research, organize research efforts, and determine the best presentation of such work. I will put the most recent information in your hands.

The first step in producing a quality writing project is obtaining quality research.

Parents, students, and instructors know academic life is vital to an individual’s future career prospects.  Learning how to learn or help others learn are important tools necessary for success in life.

What is a Research Consultant?

A research consultant assists with all data and informational needs. Examples of the assistance a research consultant can provide include:

  • Organizing research and source material
  • Performing targeted searches and providing specialized reports*
  • Helping initiate research projects
  • Providing needed research materials*
  • Formatting assistance (MLA, APA, CMS)
  • Editing a thesis or dissertation
  • Academic coaching
  • Encyclopedia entries*
  • Organizing instructional materials*
  • Fact Checking*

I have multiple areas of expertise and specialization, including philosophy, political theory, history, literature, classics, ethics, and the humanities and fine arts. Contact me today to learn how I can help you.
I will not violate academic integrity policy.  I will not write papers, theses, or dissertations for academic clients.

What Academic Services Are Available?

Let me help you meet your academic and professional goals. Whether you are a professional, student, administrator, professor, or teacher, I have a research consulting solution for you.

For students, editing services for term papers, theses, and dissertations are offered. Student services must first be cleared with instructors or professors. I have experience working with and editing ESL student work (In fact, I specialize in it).

Let me help you set academic goals and create an achievable lifelong learning plan.

I am also available for writing coaching and evaluation services as well as tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Philosophy
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Art History
  • Political Science/Government
  • History

Application assistance is available for applying to college and graduate school. Additionally, with 7 years homeschooling experience, I can assist you in curriculum choices and lesson planning. For K-12 schools, I am available to consult on how to add philosophy, ethics, humanities, political science and theory, and life skills into a curriculum. Additionally, I am available to speak at school assemblies on a variety of topics related to the above six subject matters, student motivation, academic integrity, and research techniques.

Contact me today to discuss academic and research goals.

A New City, A New Month, A New Website

Image courtesy of graur codrin at

Image courtesy of graur codrin at

Things are picking up around here in Wichita, Kansas. I’ve been helping a few clients with their writing and editing projects. I edited a philosophy article to ready it for publication, I created written content for several websites, and I’ve been working on boosting my blogs, particularly Wining Wife™. I’ve even been working on a few interview-based articles for Equanimity Magazine, as well as continuing to help with fundraising efforts for this organization. While things have been busy with getting settled in, I am taking new writing and editing clients, so if you or someone you know needs a content marketer, writer, editor, researcher, or social media consultant, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve been working on building a new website that highlights my various projects. Right now, it is still in the construction phase, but it does have both my resume and CV  available on it. In the coming weeks, I will also add a list of publications, my portfolio with links to completed work, overviews of my various projects (Guess what! I do more than just writing and editing), and more. I also will be kicking off a blog there that showcases the various things I do – writing, photography, sewing and crafts, research projects, and more. The blog here will focus more on helping you with your content marketing, research, academic writing, and blogging projects. I’m excited about a few new projects I have on the horizon as well.

If you need a writer or editor for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. In your email, let me know about your project, your ideal deadline for the project, and your ideal budget for the project. You can reach me easily at I look forward to hearing from you soon!

And Back – Now Serving as a Wichita Writer and Editor

I’m back at my desk, ready to assist clients with their writing and editing needs. I am now serving as a Wichita writer, so if you would like to schedule a meeting with me, please let me know. I can help with:

  • Ghostwriting projects
  • Blog posts
  • Web content and WYSIWYG design
  • Articles
  • Books (both writing and editing)
  • Training manuals
  • Magazine editing and production
  • Brochure content
  • Advertorials
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • More

Please contact me today for help with your project. If you’re unsure as to whether I can perform the tasks you need, please send me an email to ask. I’m here to help you! Don’t let location be a barrier to contacting me – while I am a Wichita-based writer, I’ve successfully worked with clients from around the world using a variety of collaborative tools.


Relocating to Wichita

I am in the process of relocating with my family to Wichita, Kansas. I will not be taking clients or working on client projects again until August 1, 2015. Thank you for your patience at this time. I’m looking forward to serving your writing, research, and editing needs in the future!

Thank You Letter Etiquette

thank youSadly, as we turn more to social networks, one of the most overlook activities is the handwriting of a thank-you note or letter.  Here is a list of times when a thank you letter is appropriate:

  • After an Interview
  • After you have received any gift
  • After you have enjoyed a meal at someone’s home
  • When someone has done you a favor
  • After you have stayed at someone’s home on a trip
  • When you receive a new account from a client
  • When someone has given you support, written a letter on your behalf, etc.

The first thing you want to do when writing a letter of thanks is be sincere.  With gifts, do not gush over something you do not like.  People can tell that you are lying with your words – and overzealous language often gives this away. Instead, thank them for their generosity or their thoughtfulness, and find one positive thing to say. If you stayed at their home for a vacation, mention something you did together that you really enjoyed.  If someone has given you support, explain how much it meant to you.

It is vital to be grateful for the things we receive in life from others – both material and emotional.  Take time to show your gratitude by writing a meaningful and heartfelt thank you to those who are special to you.

Writing a Mission Statement



Polson, Jul 2010 - 07


Stephen Covey and other personal coaches advocate the use of a mission statement to help guide you in reaching your goals.  Writing a mission statement is not as difficult as you might think.  Follow the questions below to begin to construct your personal mission statement.


  •  Ask yourself what you would like people to say about you after you’ve accomplished your goals.
  •  Where do you see yourself in five years?  Ten years?
  •  If money were not an issue, what would you do?
  •  How do you want to relate to others?
  •  What is most important to you?
  •  If you were to be evacuated from your home, what would you take with you?
  •  What do your friends say of you now?  What do you wish they would say?
  •  What sorts of activities do you do now that make you feel as though you are accomplishing something?


Once you have answered these questions, think about how you would put that together in a mission statement.  For example, my personal mission statement is:

    To continue to grow as an individual, help others acheive their goals through my writing and editing, and spend quality time with family.

Once you have formulated your mission statement, look at your various sub-goals, projects, and activities.  Do they contribute to your mission?  If not, you may want to edit some of them out – or change your mission statement.  By having an ultimate purpose in mind, you can be more productive and you can find yourself more content with your life.  


What is your mission? Share your mission statement in the comments.




Creating a Freelance Work Schedule

Microsoft Excel

Use Microsoft Excel to help create a freelance work schedule you can live with.

If you’re anything like me, seeing a never-ending to-do list can be overwhelming. I have found a way to manage different freelance projects, while keeping the “to-do’s” under wraps. This method uses Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook, but you can use any spreadsheet and PIM program in combination.  

The first step is to write down every project and to-do that is on your mind.  Take your time to do this.  

Once you have preformed this “mind-dump,” open a fresh spreadsheet.  This will become your master project list.  Across the top, create the following headings: “Project ID,” “Priority,” “Project Name,” “Project Description,” “Steps in Project,” “Project Status,” “Due Date,” “Date of Last Update.” You can also have fields for contact information for anyone relevant in the project process.  

Once you have created your table, you can start to list your projects in the “Project Name” column.  Do not put any “to-do’s” on here yet.  We’ll get to those in a minute.  Instead you should have items like “Write Novel,” “Send query letter to x” “Work on freelance project for y.”  Next, assign each project an ID.  You will use this ID to track project items in Outlook and to track any correspondence through email concerning this project.  Third, you will want to assign each project a priority between 1 and 5.  Items with a priority of 1 would be those that are both important and urgent, say a client project due in a few days.  Items with priority of 5 would be neither important nor urgent – arguably they shouldn’t be on your project list.  Instead, if you want to get around to a project with a 5 priority, you should store it away for later in a “someday” folder.  

Upon completing these three steps, create a brief description of each project.  You will want to decompose your projects  into each to-do or action-item associated with the project.  For instance if you had a project, “Write chapter for textbook,” you might decompose it into the following action items:

  • Perform Research
  • Outline
  • Write Draft
  • Revise
  • Proofread
  • Submit
  • Wait for Payment
  • Close Project

What does “close project” mean?  For the freelancer, it means making sure you update your resume and publications list.  Sometimes, you might want to write a small report about the project, what you learned while doing the project, and goals for the next time you have a similar project.  

After filling in this information in your spreadsheet, take account of where each project is.  Are you revising that textbook chapter draft?  If so, under “Project Status” type “revising.”  If you are waiting to hear back from someone, note that.  Also, note the date the next step is to be completed, the due date, and the date the status was updated, so that if you have been waiting for payment for a long time you can follow up on it. (For the spreadsheet template, cruise over to Examples.)

Finally, you are ready to start entering your to-do list into Outlook.  Each to-do will get a priority – if it is associated with a project, it will get the priority of the project.  if it is a 5 either delegate it, someday it, or scrap it.  For help figuring out what priority any given task should be assigned, “How to Prioritize by Importance” at the Dumb Little Man Blog is a great resource. Only enter the next task for each project into Outlook.

Now the important part:  When you are entering in your tasks, make sure you assign a start time and a finish time for each task. You will be more likely to finish them if you give yourself a deadline. Watch your productivity increase when you create a freelance work schedule!

That’s how I do things, how do you do things?

What I’ve Been Working On June 2014

Husband, son, and baby girlI’ve been busy lately. In addition to putting on an epic Easter  for my family and caring for an awesome six-month old (including when she had her bout with bronchitis), I’ve been taking care of a concussed teenager. He fell while doing warm up exercises in his P.E. class, broke his nose, and got a pretty nasty concussion. It’s amazing how fragile the brain is. I’ve been fighting the virus that won’t go away – in the summer, I know! It seems like we’ve all finally recovered from our various ailments. I’ve been working on a variety of projects, including:

  • Content writing for a variety of websites including dental offices, law firms, construction companies, and restaurants
  • Blog posts, social media, and curation for Rock The Deadline (A great content marketing and curation tool)
  • My blog, Wining Wife, including a recent post on cleaning a wrecked kitchen
  • My blog, Activism My Way, including a recent post on what can and cannot be recycled
  • Editing work on a fictional account of the Trojan War
  • Editing and updating the book I co-authored with Murali Chemuturi. The book is being republished by Publishing. Keep your eyes out for updates about its release date.
  • Working with the charity, J.B. Dondolo as Fundraising Coordinator. I’ve been putting together grant applications and working on organizing a 5K to raise money for our first project, Hospital Hope. We also have an account with, so if you need a magazine subscription, cookie dough, or gift ideas, you’ll want to head over to our page. A little bit helps a lot!
  • Project plans for three blogs and a magazine
  • Outlining a complete secular homeschooling curriculum that will cover Preschool through 12th grade
  • Editing abstracts, articles, and book reviews for academic clients
  • Working as a curator of content for eFiction Magazine and sister magazines

As you can see I’ve been keeping busy with a variety of projects here! I’m happy to help new clients, so if you need writing or editing done by a freelancer, don’t hesitate to contact me. We will discuss your needs.

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